Moscow Hobby Expo 2023
November 2023

Moscow Hobby Expo

The main Russian trade show devoted to all types of leisure activities, handicrafts, sports, camping, hiking

Venue: Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

Moscow Hobby Expo presents a whole range of products for hobbies and leisure activities. Professional hobbyists come from all over Russia in search of materials, supplies, equipment, ideas and techniques and thus making the event a long-awaited meeting place for people who cannot imagine their lives without entertaining pastime. The idea to organize such a show was inspired by our busy, fast-paced lifestyles.

The hobby and creative goods industry is getting a great deal of interest, attracting attention with its diversity – new leisure areas, interesting solutions and original ideas appear regularly. Each year, a wide spectrum of materials, equipment, supplies and ideas are showcased to the general public, encouraging people to take up a creative craft or hobby. Moscow Hobby Expo presents the latest trends and gives you a great opportunity to demonstrate your favorite activities and share it with others.

Please contact us to hire a hostess or Russian interpreter for Moscow Hobby Expo.

Moscow Hobby Expo