Lift Expo. Moscow 2024
October 9th – 11th, 2024

Lift Expo. Moscow

International Exhibition of Lifts, Lifting Equipment and Components

Venue: Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

  • The most extensive exhibition of 2024 in the field of elevator construction
  • Modern technologies and new equipment
  • Leading elevator manufacturers and all components
  • Direct communication and exchange of experiences
  • Partnerships and business relationships with potential clients
  • New opportunities for automation and enhanced safety in elevator operation
  • Reliability from the manufacturers and trust of customers
  • High level of event organization

The primary forum for sharing experiences, talking about the newest developments in elevator building, locating partners, and signing trade agreements is Lift Expo. Moscow 2024. It’s a chance to highlight the accomplishments of scientific and technological advancement and provide guidance on how businesses can grow in the future.

Lift Expo. Moscow transcends the conventional notion of an exhibition. really develops into a significant global event by 2024. Lift Expo Moscow’s agenda promises to be colorful, dramatic, and rich.

The exhibition will include the world debut of the top product samples showcasing advancements in science and technology. The occasion broadens the opportunities for original initiatives and creates new avenues for the development of industry innovations.

Lift Expo’s first priority. Moscow is in line with the nation’s present strategy to boost sales volumes and build local industry, including exporting domestic goods to foreign markets.

Lift Expo. Moscow will be a significant step toward achieving one of society’s shared primary objectives, which is to guarantee the comfort and safety of our residents.