Heat Treatment 2024 Moscow, Russia
September 17th – 19th, 2024

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is the only exhibition of thermal equipment and technologies in Russia

Venue: Expocentre, Moscow, Russia

Heat Treatment Moscow exhibition presents equipment and materials from leading world and domestic manufacturers of thermal and chemical-thermal equipment, refractory materials, thermal insulation, measuring, diagnostic and analytical equipment.

Heat Treatment Moscow exhibition provides a great opportunity for visitors can get acquainted with modern technologies and equipment for thermal, thermo-mechanical, surface treatment of various materials.

Exhibitors offer modern comprehensive solutions for the installation (retrofitting) of modern heating, thermal, methodical furnaces, thermal units and automation solutions, as well as fibrous energy-efficient wear-resistant lining materials.

Trade Show Scope

  • Electric furnaces
  • Thermal and chemical-thermal equipment for annealing, hardening, tempering
  • Induction equipment: furnaces, industrial installations and heaters. Frequency converters and transformers for induction heating installations
  • Vacuum technology and components of vacuum systems: vacuum electric furnaces, heating cabinets and spraying systems; vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum seals and valves, gas flow regulators
  • Laboratory muffle furnaces and drying ovens
  • Coating plants, incl. for plasma application of protective coatings
  • Laser equipment. Laser hardening and laser heat strengthening
  • Deep cooling complexes (cryogenic treatment)
  • Nitrogen stations, oxygen stations, hydrogen stations, compressor equipment, refrigeration units
  • Cooling systems: cooling towers and chillers. Technologies for cleaning and temperature control of industrial liquids
  • Industrial washing machines and lines
  • Equipment for electron beam welding and argon welding
  • Equipment for studying the properties of materials, non-destructive testing: hardness meters, equipment for sample preparation, equipment for mechanical testing, spectrometers, pyrometers
  • Laboratory equipment: spectrometers, non-contact temperature measurement devices, analyzers for determining gas-forming impurities in solid materials
  • Technologies for measuring temperature, humidity and vacuum: thermocouples, measuring transducers, resistance sensors, protective fittings, sleeves, digital display devices, measuring stations, simulators, calibrators, spare parts and components
  • Centrifugal casting of corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and special steels and alloys
  • Castings made of heat-resistant steel. Furnace equipment and technological equipment for heat treatment: recuperators, pallets, grates, baskets, supports, fittings, impellers, radiant tubes, retorts, rollers, etc. for all types of ovens
  • Mechanisms for transporting heated metal, in-furnace fans, recuperators, muffles, other products made of heat-resistant materials

Refractory materials and lining of thermal units. Thermal insulation and fire protection

  • Graphite, carbon felt and carbon-carbon composite products for high temperature applications
  • Modification of products and their compaction with carbon based on pitch (GRL) and phenolic resins, slip protective coatings, surface lamination
  • Multilayer fabrics and spatially reinforcing woven products
  • Special coatings and adhesives for high temperature industrial processes
  • Lubricants and technical fluids
  • Design and production of thermal equipment (heaters, current leads, power structures)
  • Gas and liquid fuel burners, gas supply and automation systems. Pulse burner control systems
  • Furnace control cabinets
  • High pressure flexible metal hoses
  • Commissioning, professional installation, modernization, service maintenance, current and major repairs of furnaces and furnace equipment

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Heat Treatment