GasSuf 2023
October 24th – 26th, 2023


International exhibition of CNG, LNG, LPG gas vehicles and gas refueling equipment

Venue: Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

GasSuf is an international specialized exhibition of CNG, LPG, gas vehicles and gas refueling equipment in Russia, which is held annually in Moscow.

Every year the Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers showcase a wide range of CNG, LPG, NGV, LNG equipment, NGV refueling equipment in Russia, as well as natural gas vehicles.

Among the exhibitors are 4save, Antgroup GBO, Barrens, Europegas, Faro, Fornovo, Graf, Hana ems, Italgas, Kamaz, Kwangshin machine, Landi Renzo, Lenpromavomatika , Milliy Metal Sanoat, MViF, Rego, Seetru, Sichuan South Gas Compressor, Gracis, Mikrometan, Piezus, Sphere, Shelf and many other Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers.

Visitors of the exhibition: representatives of service companies for the conversion of vehicles to gas engine fuel, filling stations; trucking and manufacturing companies having their own fleet of vehicles, as well as specialized trade enterprises.

Please contact us to hire a Russian interpreter or hostess for GasSuf Moscow exhibition.