FlowersExpo Moscow 2024 Russia
September 10th – 12th, 2024


International Exhibition of Flowers, Plants, Techniques and Technologies for Floriculture and Landscape Design

FlowersExpo is a major event for the Russian market of flowers and plants, floristry and landscape design. The exhibition presents the latest trends in the production and sale of flowers and plants, technologies and materials for floriculture, flower business, floristry and landscape design. Last edition of FlowersExpo Moscow exhibition attracted about 250 participants from 10 countries.

Exhibition Scope

  • Flowers and Plants
  • Technics and techology
  • Flower business and logistics
  • Floristry and Design
  • Products for gardening and horticulture
  • Landscape and Ecology
  • GreenExpo

Venue: Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

FlowersExpo Moscow


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5Plast (Russia)
Absolute Green (Russia)
Agrisovgaz (Russia)
AgroBioTechnology (Russia)
Agrobusiness (Russia)
Agrofirma Altai Seeds (Russia)
Agrokom (Russia)
Agromir BY (Belarus)
Agrosintez (Russia)
AkatovoArt (Russia)
Aliot Group (Russia)
Alternativa (Russia)
AminaTrade Ltd (Russia)
Aminosil (Russia)
APFA (Russia)
APPM – The Russian Nursery Stock Association (Russia)
Araik Galstyan Moscow International Flora school (Russia)
Aristova O.I., IE (Russia)
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Biochemical technologies (Russia)
Biocontrol (Russia)
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Biotechnology (Russia)
BMC (Russia)
Bouquet (Russia)
Buiskiy Himicheskiy zavod (Russia)
Center for Entrepreneurship Development of the Novosibirsk Region (Russia)
Christmasapple (Russia)
Click Market (Russia)
Compas NPO (Russia)
Concretika (Russia)
Cult Toys (Russia)
Dacha Group (Russia)
De Ruiter Innovations (Netherlands)
Decorative Flowers company (Russia)
Delta-Park (Russia)
Designer Books (Russia)
Diantus (Russia)
Dom Semyan Trade Mark, J.S.Co. SSPP “Sortsemovosch” (Russia)
Dream Design (Russia)
Dress.Flowers (Russia)
Dunamis Ltd (Russia)
Ecologica / Tkachenko I.S. (Russia)
EcoTech (Russia)
EffectBio & UltraEffect (Russia)
Egoryevsky Greenhouse Complex (Russia)
Ekodachnik (Russia)
Europe Uno Trade (Russia)
Evrosemena (Russia)
Extrusion (Russia)
Farao (Italy)
Favorite Toy (Mila LLC) (Russia)
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Fiori Farm (Russia)
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Greenomica (Russia)
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Husky (Russia) – Contests, Demonstrations, Education (Russia)
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Impex Flowers (Ecuador)
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Invos Flowers (Colombia)
Iryna Holla Flowers & Packaging (Netherlands)
J-corp (Russia)
Jaaz Flowers (Russia)
Jasmina (Russia)
Kaluga Flower Holding, Ltd (Russia)
Kapital-PROK (Russia)
Keramika Zolotoe (Russia)
Kharchenko Roman Vladimirovich, Individual Entrepreneur (Russia)
Kilomo (Ecuador)
Kopmozit LLC (Russia)
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KVANT (Russia)
Lama Torf (Russia)
Landscape Center NGAU (Russia)
Lapkin (Russia)
Letniy Sad (Russia)
Leto (Russia)
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Lotos Deco (Russia)
M-plastika (Russia)
Marcel TD (Russia)
Media Group (Russia)
Mir Tsvetov (Russia)
Modern Quality Technologies (Russia)
Monblan, Nursery (Russia)
Moscow Floriculturists Center at the Moscow Society of Nature Reconstruction and Protection (Russia)
National Guild of Florist (Russia)
Neco-line (Russia)
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Newtechagro (Russia)
NN Global Truck (Belarus)
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Novosibirskiy greenhouse complex (Russia)
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Pomidoromama (Russia)
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Rospoddon (Russia)
ROSTI (Russia)
Rusinkhim (Russia)
Russian Floral Technologies (Russia)
Russian Peat Company (Russia)
Sacata (Russia)
SB, Firma (Russia)
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Star Roses (Ecuador)
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Strogoorganic (Russia)
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Tessa Corp (Ecuador)
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