ElectroTrans 2024 Moscow, Russia
June 26th – 28th, 2024


Urban electric transport exhibition & congress will present products and services related to electrical mobility, electric transport and subways!

The trade show will take place in Moscow, Russia. It is expected that the event will be visited by more than 3,000 experts from 850 companies from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbayjan, Korea, China, Iran, India, Germany. 94 companies took part in ElectroTrans 2023 exhibition and its business program.

The goal of ElectroTrans Moscow exhibition is to promote emission-free urban transport technologies for sustainable cities, showcasing modern technologies in electric transport systems.

Exhibition Scope

  • Transport planning. Design of route network, parks, depots. Financing of transport projects, leasing. Modeling and management of passenger flow. Relationship between different modes of transport (multimodal mobility).
  • City transport infrastructure. Design and construction of stations, transfer hubs, stopping pavilions, tunnels, overpasses. Finishing and decorative materials, furniture, escalators.
  • Security in public transport: Integrated solutions to ensure passenger safety, fire safety, video surveillance, metal detectors, call points, access control, emergency communications, evacuation and rescue means.
  • Urban and suburban railway communication as the basis of the transport network of the urban agglomeration.
  • Rolling stock of rail passenger electric transport: trams and high-speed trams, metro, monorail transport system, electric trains of intracity and suburban railway traffic, motor vehicles. Modernization, service life extension.
  • Street electric transport: trolleybus (electric bus), electric minibuses, electric taxis.
  • Industrial and official electric transport: electric buses and electric vehicles for transporting employees and specialists of various services and departments.
  • Electric freight transport: electric-powered trucks.
  • Municipal and cleaning equipment with electric drive.
  • Electric transport for taxi parks, rental of personal mobility equipment in cities.
  • Corporate electric transport: electric vehicles for corporate fleets.
  • Air electric transport: air taxis, electric planes.
  • Rope and string electric transport systems.
  • Water electric transport.
  • Components for rolling stock: interior, mechanical components, electrical, lighting solutions, consumables.
  • Import substitution, building supply chains in new economic conditions.
  • Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, microclimate control.
  • Sanitation of rolling stock and elements of transport infrastructure. Disinfectants, personal protective equipment.
  • Construction and reconstruction of tram, trolleybus, electric bus fleets, metro depots and suburban railway services.
  • Equipment of a transport enterprise: instruments and technologies for diagnostics, repair, cleaning. Supply of spare parts and components, uniforms and workwear.
  • Training complexes, personnel training.
  • Equipment for testing charging stations, inverters, components, including cybersecurity.
  • Information technologies in public transport: fleet management systems, communication and navigation equipment, technologies for recording passenger flow, collecting fares, information and entertainment systems.
  • Equipment and technologies for power supply and electrification: equipment for traction substations, overhead contact network, current collection, ASKUE, technologies for reducing power consumption, electrical energy storage devices, electric motors, electric drive control, charging stations and devices, life extension technologies, maintenance and disposal of energy storage devices.
  • Payment solutions for charging services for electric vehicles and small electric mobility products
  • Electric transport using renewable energy sources. RES for transport infrastructure (stop pavilions, road signs, etc.)
  • Tunnel facilities: tunnel construction materials, insulating materials, ventilation units, cable and heating networks, drainage, lighting equipment.
  • Equipment for signaling and communication services of the metro and light rail.
  • Track and track facilities (track elements, turnouts, turnout drives).
  • Passenger services: Devices for passengers with disabilities, rescue equipment, passenger services at transport hubs, at stations and stopping points.

Venue: Expocentre, Moscow, Russia