EcwaTech 2024 Moscow, Russia
September 10th – 12th, 2024


International Exhibition “Water: Ecology and Technology”

EcwaTech is the leading event in Russia devoted to water supply industry. The exhibition presents the whole range of equipment and services for the rational use, conservation and protection of water resources; water treatment, communal and industrial water supply, wastewater treatment, construction and operation of pipeline systems, water bottling.

Exhibition Sections

Water treatment

  • for municipal and industrial needs
  • for energy
  • for agriculture
  • local water treatment plant
  • desalination

Water supply

  • municipal
  • industrial
  • agricultural
  • recycling water

Water disposal

  • municipal wastewater
  • industrial wastewater
  • agricultural wastewater
  • municipal and industrial sludge management

Control and monitoring

  • instruments and installations
  • dispatching and automation
  • control and monitoring of potable and sewage water quality
  • odour control

Other services for water sector

  • sanitary facilities
  • materials and equipment for construction, repair and maintenance of facilities
  • hydroinformatics
  • hydrogeology
  • water reclamation

Special sections

  • municipal piping systems
  • trenchless technologies for construction and repair of piping systems
  • bottling and bottled waters

Venue: Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia