December 17th – 19th, 2024


Venue: Expocentre, Moscow, Russia

Every year manufacturers of equipment for the production of cement, concrete, reinforced concrete products, dry building mixtures, additives, aggregates and precast plants gather at one site. The exhibition is supported by one of the best business programs in Europe, including presentations by foreign experts from the construction industry in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, coffee breaks, lunches, a round table for a detailed discussion of specific issues, as well as an interesting entertainment program.

Exhibition Scope

  • Reinforcement and formwork
  • Additives to concrete and cement, pigments, fillers
  • Turnkey factories
  • Laboratory and analytical equipment
  • Silos, mixers, dispensers
  • Management systems and product quality control
  • Raw materials and equipment for its preparation
  • Container, packaging, transportation
  • Cement, lime, gypsum
  • Energy efficient technologies and automation in construction

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Zlatoust plant of concrete mixing equipment
Designing and manufacturing of summer and winter concrete batching plants with skip or belt feeding, stationary or mobile plants, capacity from 15 to 144 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Production of asphalt concrete plants. Production of materials, components for concrete plants: twin-shaft concrete mixers, trestles, metering complexes, cement silos, auger conveyors, dosing units of cement, water and chemical additives, insulation modules concrete plants, heating centers, and much more.

Scientific and Production Association 3D-BETON
3dbeton®️ is a high-strength, self-compacting dry concrete mix with ultra-high physical and technical characteristics, high resistance to various aggressive environments and unlimited possibilities in terms of design and architectural expression. We provide a range of services to solve engineering problems with high-strength concretes and a wide range of ready-made products – dry high-strength mixtures of our own production, ready-made products and structures.

Bipol Ltd. is the only producer of modified starch of deep processing in the Republic of Tatarstan. Today the company has developed and successfully brought to the market a whole line of high quality raw materials for food, construction, paper and oil industries

Technology project design, production of equipment and building a turnkey factories for producing: gypsum, raw materials, chalk, micron calcite with different production capacity. Drying lines for sand, concrete stone and asphalt. Lines for the production of gypsum and gypsum-based mixtures. Automated packaging machines for packing in open and valve bags, rotary packing lines with a capacity up to 4,500 bags per hour, Big-Bag filling systems, palletising (palletisers).

Association organizes special events related to the engineering problems such as: conferences, seminars and forums. Association provides its members with free news digests and the information about tenders and construction projects. Association also does some market researches and prepares surveys on special request. Association arranges business meetings and trips on special request. Association searches for potential business partners for joint ventures organizations and supports short-term and long-term commercial initiatives all around the world.
About the company

The company “Koelgamramor” is one of the leading producers of excipients from natural white marble on the territory of the Russian Federation. The list of products includes about 30 product names with particle sizes from 1 micron to 150 mm. The company develops its own field, has access railway tracks and a developed network of regional warehouses, which allows you to prepare products in a short time and deliver them to their destination, including outside the Russian Federation.

FABO Makina İmalat Paz. San. Ve Tic.
FABO Global is a leading manufacturer and supplier of crushing and screening plants and concrete plants. Equipment using high engineering technologies. FABO has increased its capacity to provide its customers with better service faster and better. Three factories continue their services without interruption with a production capacity of 65,000 m2.

PolyEco LLC specializes in the development, production, supply, and technical support of: micro-cements and dry mixes based on them for injection works; compositions for waterproofing the foundations of buildings, underground structures, mines; materials for restoring the strength of concrete structures and foundations, strengthening the soil; performing service work on injection.

Shishimskiy mramor
The company Shishimskiy mramor Ltd is one of the leaders in the production of microcalcite, marble chips, dolomite sand and marble chips. Our company is developing the Shishim marble deposit, being one of the oldest marble mining companies in Russia.

VSELUG Mashinostroitel`naya Kompaniya
Design and supply of complexes for the production of dry mixes: cost-effective solutions based on standard projects or the development of an individual project of any complexity. Production of equipment for packing bulk materials in bags and big bags. We produce complete packaging lines of various capacities and degrees of automation, we develop layout solutions for new and existing industries. In projects, we pay special attention to robotic complexes. In our test center, we check the possibility of packaging products of customers, select modes, determine the performance and accuracy of dosing, demonstrate new developments.

LB Officine Meccaniche S.p.A.
LB Technology Group comprises LB, Sitec and Sermat, three companies that can operate in synergy, integrating and complementing one another to develop innovative technological solutions, walking shoulder to shoulder with the customers when choosing the design, manufacture and maintenance solutions for systems and machines. LB is market leader in the treatment of raw materials, able to offer and earn trust, creating efficient and effective solutions at every step of the value chain. It is a group made up of people who are aware of its history, and who use their passion to fulfil their clients’ needs.

NORTEX — one of the leaders in distribution of chemical products in Russia and CIS countries. We concentrate our activity in importing chemical raw materials from leading European and Asian manufacturers. We distribute in Russia and CIS countries more than 70 foreign manufacturers. Nortex is included into the TOP-100 European distributors of Chemistry rated ICIS. Our customers — paints and building materials manufacturers; manufacturers of rubber products and tires, petrochemical and engineering industrial plants. Our main advantages are a range of our products, advantageous financial terms and service. We do our best to let our customers feel comfortable with us.

VPK, group of companies
VPK Group works to provide the best quality and service to set the benchmark in the industry in the local and foreign markets. Constantly acquiring new technologies, VPK Group combines innovation, high quality and productivity for wide-ranging applications. Services offered throughout the product life cycle, cutting-edge technology and decades of product expertise set VPK Group apart, providing exceptional value to help our customers succeed.

TK “SLANTSY-HIM” offers various products from leading manufacturers: EVONIK, ROHM, SINOPEC to create professional protection of building materials: — hydrophobic, easy-to-clean and anti-graffiti finished coatings and additives to the systems; — additives for dry mixtures and concrete: hydrophobic, anti-shrinkage; — MMA and EP resins and hardeners for polymer floors, waterproofing and polymer-concrete; — acrylic resins for organo-soluble coatings, aqueous dispersion of polyolefins and PVA.

Rettenmaier Rus
Company “Rettenmaier Rus” — Russian branch of the German company JRS. One of the most important aspects of business is the production and sale of a wide range of adjuvants based on cellulose. Currently, the company has more than 31 factories and employs more than 2 thousand people. The main production is located in Germany, USA, Finland, Mexico, Russia and several other countries. Representation of the company exists worldwide in Austria, the U.S., China, Britain, Russia, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico and other countries.

MEKA trading house
LLC “Trading House” MEKA”— the exclusive distributor of Turkish factory “MEKA” in Russia and the CIS. MEKA is a recognized leader in the supply of concrete mixing plants and crushing and screening equipment (screens, crushers, washing equipment). The quality of the products is ensured by the ISO 9001 standards and complies with the EAC regulations.

Larchfield LSN
Best additives for dry mixes from the world-famous producers: Elotex™ (redispersible polymer powders), Bermocoll™ (cellulose esters), Arkema™ (acrylic dispersions for 1K & 2K membranes), Trinseo™ (latexes for primers, grouts, 2K systems), Celotech™ (cellulose ethers), Rowis™ (defoamers), FCC™ (bentonite additives, plasticizers), EPS™ (dispersions for floor coatings), Shepherd Color™ (pigments for grouts) and more.

Asia Engineering
Our company delivers to your region the following equipment from Southeast Asia:
Concrete plants
Concrete pumps
Asphalt plants
Crushing equipment
Spare parts and components for the equipment.
Our experts will produce installation (supervision), commissioning, training of your staff, warranty and service.

Keli PromComplekt
Keli PromComplekt LLC is the official representative office in Russia of Keli Sensing Technology, the largest manufacturer of strain-gauge equipment, headquartered in Ningbo, China. Today, the factory is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-precision sensors for weight and force measurement systems. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing all kinds of load cells, weight indicators, electronic weighing systems, and is gradually expanding its product range such as pressure and torque sensors, flow meters, etc. By strictly complying with OIMLR60, OIMLR76 standards, we manufacture products that have the properties required by modern industry, such as corrosion-resistant, waterproof, explosion-proof, lightning-proof and intrinsically safe. Keli Sensing Technology has more than 100 patents for its inventions. More than 60 types of sensors have been certified in Russia, at the same time we are actively working on expanding this list. An extensive catalog of products sold throughout our country meets the requirements of both small businesses and large manufacturing plants. The entire range of equipment is covered by a warranty for metrological characteristics of 3 years from the date of sale.

MC Filtre San. ve Tic.
MC Filtre manufactures Silo Filter, Pressure Relief Valve, Filter Cartridges for cement silos, food silos, construction machinery dust systems, dedusting systems for mining industry. By detecting the most appropriate operating conditions, required medias, MC Filtre offers the quickest and high qualified solutions to our partners. Our factory is able to develop new products and develop designs suitable for related process so quick by its expert design and moulding team. MC Filtre is your reliable solution partner in dust and silo systems.

ELKON is one of the world leading exporters of Concrete Batching Plants and block making machines and the biggest one in Europe. Quality of ELKON’s equipment is guarantied by American ISO 9001, German TUV and Russian GOST-R. Just in 2004–2021 ELKON exported to Russia over 1000 Concrete Batching Plants with different productivity and configurations.

GC KIP-Service
GC KIP-Service Ltd. is a Russian company, founded in 2006, with more than 150 employees, 2 production plants and 2 sales branches. We produce concrete plants, building machinery and equipment. For 15 years our mission is to provide the building site professionals with the highest quality products, reducing physical effort and achieving higher performances.

Machine-building company “Tulapressmash” is a manufacturer of equipment of the brand “STEIF” for the stromtelstelny and metallurgical industries. The company produces a wide range of industrial equipment for the production of building materials: automatic and semi-automatic vibropress lines, mobile forming complexes, and formwork lines. One of the directions is the production of molds for equipping vibropresses of different types.

TTS Engineering
Group of companies “TenzoTechService” is a Russian manufacturing and engineering company, specializing in production of equipment for concrete, reinforced concrete products and dry mix. The Company realizes projects of various complexity and scope, incl. drawings engineering and plant start-up. The company produces customized truck and wagon scales. Own production facilities, well-run logistics system, high-skilled team in engineering and software enable to realize nonstandard solutions.

Samara plant Strommashina
Samara plant “Strommashina” has been producing equipment for construction, oil, road, metallurgical, mining and other industries for more than 75 years. We produce high-quality industrial equipment, widely known for its reliability and durability. The plant’s product catalog includes several dozen basic types of basic equipment and hundreds of modifications (drying drums, Ball mills, Hammer mills, Rotary Kilns, Bag Filters).

Stroytehnika plant manufactures vibro-pressing and concrete mixing equipment of Rifey brand.

In 1963 in Minerbe, a small town nearby Verona, Italy, the Furlani family decided to establish a manufacturing facility with a solitary aim to create the highest quality machinery and plants for concrete production and materials processing, as well as environmental protection. Throughout the last 4 decades, high quality combined with avant-garde solutions, allowed SIMEM to become an integrated player within the concrete industry. This important role was achieved thanks to the geographic subsidiaries (America, Russia, India, Germany) and to the expertise subsidiaries (Simem Spil precast automation and Simem Underground for tunneling and mining).

Ohlert Marketing
Company represents on the Russian market 2 partners: Nordimpianti, Italy (equipment and copmlete lines for production of hollow core slabs and other concrete elements, such as piles, columns, bims etc.) and Acmon, Greece (equipment and copmlete lines for production of ready mix and other dry mixes).

Novokaolinoviy GOK STOCK Company
Activity profile: production and sale of mineral fillers. Products: dry concentration kaolin, ground marble, marble chips, crushed marble.

EIRICH offers top technologies for the preparation of building materials and is the industries partner right along the complete process chain, from the delivery of the raw materials to the transfer of the finished products. The company develops and manufactures machines and equipment for industrial processing technology with processes such as granulation, drying and, in particular, mixing and fine grinding for the production of concrete, dry mortar/plaster and sand lime bricks.

“EUROHIM-1 Functional Chemicals῎ offers the modifying additives for dry mortars manufacturing: —cellulose ethers Mecellose — redispersible powders and construction dispersions Vinnapas — superplastisizers Melment and Melflux — starch ethers Starvis SE — modifiers for tile adhesives (C1 / C2 TE S1) Starvis S, RS, T — highmolecular stabilizers Starvis — dutane thickeners Kelco-Crete — viscosity and rheology modifiers Optibent — cellulose fibres Technocel — polymer fiber (PAN, PE, PET) — air-entraining and dispersing agents Esapon — liquid foaming agent for gypsum board Vinapor GYP — defoamers Vinapor DF 9010F — anti-shrinking agent Sitren — silicone hydrophobing agents Silres — hydrophobic agents Canastol, oleate Na, stearate Ca, Zn — gypsum retardants Plastretard, HyCon R — tartaric acid (L+), citric acid — hydration control agents Hycon — cement accelerators (calcium formate, lithium carbonate) — expanding additive Denka

Wacker Chemie Rus
WACKER is a globally active company, annual sales is around € 4.69 billion (2020), presence in Europe, North and South America, and Asia – including China.

Bang & Bonsomer
The company “Bang & Bonsomer” ООО (BB) is the leading supplier of chemicals for manufacturing the wide range of construction products like dry mortars, concrete, plasterboard, mineral wool, etc. BB operates in Russia and in the CIS, Baltic and Scandinavian countries. The company offers customers cellulose ethers, RDP, rheological additives, air entraining agents, defoamers, starch esters, hydrophobisers, fibers, polymeric dispersions, epoxy resins, hardeners, as well as raw materials for the production of adhesives and sealants for paper packaging, woodworking etc.

Pi Makina, which was founded in 1972 in Turkey; was the first company to produce scores of domestic construction machinery such as concrete batching plant, concrete paver, asphalt paver, trans mixer, grader, dozer, loader, backhoe loader and tower crane. Pi Makina, operates in 800 thousand square meters of outdoor and indoor production areas, and has more than 1000 staff. With half a century of experience, we share, at Pi Makina, the rightful pride of being able to meet the most crucial needs of many sectors as a construction, mining, energy and defense industries together with our valued stakeholders.

Parget Makine LTD
Parget Makina is engaged in engineering, design, supply and commissioning of equipment and complete turnkey plants for the production of gypsum, dry mortars, gypsum board, calcite and perlite. Our product range includes rotary kilns, dryers, mixers for dry mortars, centrifugal type beater plate mills, dynamic air separators, screw conveyors, weighing belt conveyors, bucket chain elevators, jet-pulse filters, rotary valves, slide gates, dosing and weighing equipment, packing equipment, vertical and horizontal conveying equipment, dedusting equipment, crushing and screening units.

The HAVER&BOECKER Machinery Division (includes also BEHN+BATES and NEWTEC) specializes in packaging and weighing technology. It develops, produces and markets systems and plants for filling and processing loose, bulk materials of every type. The product range includes packing and loading systems for powder-type and granulated materials, packaging machines for filling food and animal feed, as well as filling stations and complete filling lines for liquids and pasty products. The product range is supplemented by bag palletizing and loading systems, screening machines, machines for washing, pelletizing plates, agitators, mixers, silos, ship loading and unloading equipment.

GKM Siebtechnik GmbH
Company GKM Siebtechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of tumbler screening machines and vibrating round screeners for fine separating of sand, limestone, gypsum, dolomite and cement.

ERMAK is the only company in Turkey, which can manufacture and install at the same time and at the highest quality concrete block, tiles and curbstones press machines, concrete molds, concrete plants, hollow core slab machines, and all kind of mixers and forklift attachments.