Agros 2024
January 24th – 26th, 2024


The International Specialized Trade Fair of Technology for Animal & Forage Production – AGROS will be held in Moscow, at Crocus Expo IEC on January 24 – 26, 2024.

Agros is the leading trade fair for Russia`s livestock and forage production industry. Agros Moscow exhibition was first held in 2007 under the name AgroFarm.

Opening hours:

January 24-25, 2024: 10 a.m. – 06 p.m.
January 26, 2024: 10 a.m. – 04 p.m.

Please contact us to book a Russian interpreter, translator or hostess for Argos 2024 Expo Moscow trade fair.

Agros Expo


21 vek

Our mission is to provide dairy farmers with superior technology, to automate and manage dairy farms, enabling profitable milk production and improvement of animal welfare.

AK Ziraat

Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech is a cutting-edge technology company in a traditional industry, agriculture. Our products improve the health and nutrition of plants and animals, resulting in more nutritious products for people as well as less impact on the environment. With expertise in yeast fermentation, solid state fermentation and the sciences of nutrigenomics and metabolomics, Alltech is a leading producer of yeast additives, organic trace minerals, feed ingredients, premix and feed.




Farm News

Armas Industry
Milk Cooling Tanks & Milk Transport Trucks & Process Tanks


Asoe hose
Asoe hose is a professional manufacturer of lay flat hoses used in agriculture. Our main products are Manureflow PU Drag hose, Supply hose and NBR hose.


Barbaros Motor Makina


BIORET AGRI is a family company specialized in the conception, production and sales of rubber for the animal comfort since 1993. Our range includes mattresses for cows, rubber covering for milking parlours, for waiting area, for alley floorings etc. Our constant aim is innovation and quality which guarantee comfort for animals and greater profitability. BIORET AGRI company has the distributorship network in France, Europe and key milk producing countries around the world.


Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health (IFF)
Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, part of IFF is an industry leader in nutritional health solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of feed enzymes, betaine, phytogenics and probiotics. Our brands are Axtra®, Anizyme®, Betafin®, Enviva ®, Danisco Xylanase and Syncra®

Delacon manufactures plant-derived solutions for the livestock and aquaculture industry. Using the power of nature, the aim is to provide highly effective and safe solutions to maximize feed efficiency. Today, our products are known worldwide as phytogenics, being the standardized, specific, and science-based combinations of bioactive compounds found in plants.

Diamond V



Genesus is an independent producer of high health registered purebred swine.


ISBC, founded in 2002, is a leading Russian expert in the development, production and distribution of RFID products for various sectors of the digital economy. ISBC has been developing the Animal ID business for more than 10 years. Today the product line includes various solutions for pets and farm animals: subcutaneous RFID microchips under VETTAG® brand, visual ear tags for cattle, readers, and equipment for farm automation.



Koblik Group

We bring pastures to in doors! Company is a talented specialist for animal welfare and comfort advisory services to customers. Has an extensive world- wide experience in animal welfare since 2000 Our Company provides a full range of professional equipment services to any kind (dairy cow, bull, goat, sheep, camel, horse, etc.) animal farm needs. We support prevention instead of correction.

Kroes & Jansma BV
Export of pedigree dairy and beef cattle from Europe to CIS Holstein Jersey Simmentals

Kurtsan is offering best dairy farming solutions of the market. Power of manufacturing gives Kurtsan to be very competitive in quality and services.

Our production consist in: Automatic feeding systems, Disk chain and auger conveyors systems. Advancer For Milking Rooms. Cooling Systems For Dairy Cows. Feeding Stations. . Cow Brusher, Destratification Cooling Systems, Air Circulators, Automatic Gates For Feeding Stations.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition
Lallemand Animal Nutrition is a global leader in microbial fermentation and the use of yeast and bacteria in agriculture. High-quality feed additives improving productivity and health of agricultural animals and poultry: probiotic, prebiotic, adsorbents of micotoxins, organic selenium, microbial-enzyme preparations for feedstock and for litter treatment and manure / dung processing.

MASTERRIND is one of the largest farmers’ associations in Europe. MASTERRIND was founded in 1876 (Werden, Germany) and combines the rich traditions of four leading companies in the industry: RPN, SRV, WEU and ZEH.

Reproduction And Artificial Insemination Center


Milknews is a daily information and research portal with unique content, which highlights the events and tendencies in the agricultural sector in general and in the dairy industry in particular.

Milk’n’Roll focuses on innovative solutions for sustainable and healthy calf rearing in your farms. The official distributor of Milk’n’ROLL products in Russia is Robotex LLC, a company with 10 years of experience in dairy farm automation and service.

Milkplan SA
Milkplan is a 100% Greek company operating in the field of manufacturing and marketing of livestock equipment, milk transportation and cooling tanks, cooling systems and technological applications for dairy farms.

milkrite | InterPuls
milkrite | InterPuls is a global leader providing complete milking point solutions to dairy farmers across the world with the aim of improving every farm it touches.





Nutriservice SRL

OOO SILOKING Rus is a subsidiary company of SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH based in Bavaria, a leading and most innovative company developing and producing feed mixer systems for dairy farms and farms with other ruminant livestock. The product range includes trailed, self-propelled feed mixers for livestock farms, stationary mixing and dosing systems for Feed Centers and biogas plants.



Phileo by Lesaffre

PIC Russia
PIC is the world leader in swine genetics. We create value for pork producers with our superior genetics which significantly improve performances of the finishing herd to produce best quality end product for customers and generate business profitability. Never stop improving!

ProGnosis Biotech


Qingdao Hailan Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Hailan Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd., have been working to improve the livestock environment since the year 2005, It is a high-tech enterprises which in order to achieve “zero energy breeding” environmental control system as its own duty .The system mainly includes: the precise environmental control system, air cleaning system, organic waste gas treatment system, the heat recovery system, the precooling preheating system and its supporting facilities.




Agricultural policy magazine
Agricultural policy magazine and Russian Agricultural Innovation Center conduct a long-term research on implementing new products and technologies in practice. We are developing an open platform for publishing interviews and articles on how new machinery and equipment make farming more productive and efficient. Our materials are always based on the experience of Russian farmers. In a strategic partnership with global agricultural machinery manufacturers and Russian farmers we are creating an innovative ecosystem that contributes to the growth

Spaggiari Industria Gomma is an Italian company whose experience gained over 70 years of activity has made Spaggiari a leader in the national and international livestock markets with its wide range of food rubber, silicone and PVC products used in animal husbandry. All our products have international quality certificates such as ISO 9001, BfR, FDA and others.

TDM, Total Dairy Management, wants to enclose in its name the philosophy that borned it, a global approach to farms that uses the best technology available today to optimize the management of modern dairy farms.




UZSAN Dairy Farm Master
UZSAN Dairy Farm Master, with his 10 years of experience, has adopted the principle of providing the best and most efficient services in the field of agriculture and livestock for small and cattle farmers. From the first day, customer satisfaction has always been in the forefront, they took care of the timely completion of work and continued their work without compromising quality and safety. UZSAN Dairy Farm Master has upgraded its equipment following technological developments and continues to be one step ahead.



V&P Logistic
Foreign trade activity for agriculture equipment & spare parts


Wolf System GmbH

WOODSTOCK – Innovative corn seed of Hungarian selection and production

WWS Russia
WWS Russia is an affiliated company of World Wide Sires, Ltd and is an official distributor in Russia.

Zinpro Corporation
50 years Zinpro Corporation pioneered the research and development of Zinpro® Performance Minerals®. As a family-owned, privately-held company, Zinpro Corporation’s steady growth has come as a result of quality products, quality people and a focus on one thing: performance trace minerals for exceptional animal nutrition. Today, the company has regional sales offices located in 11 countries and markets its products in more than 70 countries worldwide


Agrarian Science
The scientific and theoretical magazine “Agrarian Science” widely covers Russian scientists and specialists achievements in the most pressing problems of agriculture sphere.

Veterinary Medicine And Life
Veterinary Medicine and Life – information platform with a daily news feed and a 16-page monthly newspaper with a circulation of 5,000 copies, distributed throughout Russia.

Compound Feeds magazine
COMPOUND FEEDS MAGAZINE is a unique Russian periodical covering all aspects of compound feeds production and use.


AO Abiogroup
Removal and processing of biological waste, production of feed additives of animal origin

Agricultural Publishing of the South and the North Caucasus
Agricultural Publishing of the South and the North Caucasus are the informational-analytical publications on agriculture and processing industry: ” Agrarian Stavropol” – a weekly newspaper that provides information support to the Agricultural Complex of the Stavropol Territory, published since 2002. “Agrarian Kuban” – agribusiness newspaper of the Krasnodar Region and the Republic of Adygea. “SKFO-Agro” – the first agribusiness newspaper of the North Caucasian Federal District. “Effective APK&q

Agrarian business magazine «My Siberia»

Agriplastic is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality materials for fodder conservation and storage. We transform our comprehensive expertise into the best technology solutions that make our clients ‘ businesses more productive and cost-effective.

Agroinvestor is the leading Russian magazine for agro-companies owners and top managers, investors at the agro-industrial complex, who make key decisions and implement business strategies

Russian company of developers of digital solutions in the field of agriculture, successfully introducing modern technologies in the production of agroindustrial complex of Eurasia. Participant of the project of creation and functioning of the innovation center “Skolkovo”. Digital solutions by “Agrointellect” are used by more than 1000 users, including: agricultural enterprises, students and teachers of agricultural universities.

Agrokursiv Ltd
Agrokursiv Ltd produces feed additives for dairy farming at its own production site located in the Yaroslavl region. The production line includes starter feed, premixes, energy, adsorbents, buffer mixtures. The company imports and supplies a wide range of feed additives to the Russian market. Delivery is carried out mainly by own transport through the branch network in the cities: St. Petersburg, Vologda, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov, Kaluga, Ryazan

Agrarian MediaHolding «Svetich»
Agrarian MediaHolding “Svetich” has been successfully engaged in publishing for more than 18 years and for more than 13 years in exhibition activities in the field of agricultural supply. The Svetich Agrarian Media Holding includes industry resources: the federal agrarian magazine Niva Rossii, the international newspaper AgroZhizn.Rossiya-Kazakhstan, the federal news agency Svetich, the website, and the Svetich Exhibition Company. The activity is aimed at providing quality and free information support to agricultural prof

The company “Agroservice” is a developer of software systems for veterinary medicine and agriculture and implements its products in the subjects of the Russian Federation. The company was established in 2016 to ensure the implementation of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Veterinary Medicine” by creating effective digital tools for the identification and registration of animals on the state register.

AgroTek, LLC
AgroTek is a reliable and trusted partner Supplier of equipment for the production, processing and storage of milk


Agrofeed Rus
Production of premixes and vitamin supplements. For animals, birds and fish. 20 years experience in the market.

Eurofins Agro (BLGG)
Eurofins Agro is a leading laboratory with almost 100 years of experience. With a complete package of sampling, innovative analyses and clear, tailored advice you can adjust the production process on your farm. This way your crops get exactly what they really need. And you are assured of the highest possible yield and quality, at the lowest possible cost. Innovative research is applied also in the territory of the Russian Federation: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. This is the result of our work on the Russian agriculture market for 10 years.

AGROECO Group of Companies is a modern agro-industrial holding specializing in the cultivation of pork. The production process is vertically integrated: from growing grain crops and producing animal feed to raising animals and processing pork.


Mechanical engineering, load-lifting devices and hoisting mechanisms (hand winches of RL series), locomotive driver’s seat of KL series, manufacturing of automatic group drinking tanks and individual drinking bowl for (horned) cattle, rendering services in casting, press-forming, mechanical processing.

Scientific and Production Company “TEKO” is a Russian developer and manufacturer of sensors and devices for automating production and technological processes since 1989. The range of sensors and automation devices is more than 7500 items, which allows our customers to choose the most optimal product for specific processes or tasks.

АРК Expert. Animal husbandry. Poultry farming
The total number: 25 000; size: A4; published 4 times a year; Distribution: all regions of Russia. The electronic version of the magazine is available in the AppStore/GooglePlay.

APK-YUG – agro-industrial magazine

ASC Alliance LLC.
ASK Alliance is engaged in technologies for obtaining and processing milk, which allow us to successfully solve problems and meet the needs of dairy livestock farms. Our partners are leading European and Russian companies that have been operating for decades in the market of equipment and services for the dairy sector of the economy. The high qualification and accumulated experience of our specialists allows us to solve the whole range of issues related to the implementation of dairy projects.

The company develops, manufactures and markets innovative yeast technologies and products for the feed, food and nutraceutical industries. The most popular at the moment is the Klyuver feed additive for cattle and poultry. significantly increasing the zootechnical and economic indicators of animal husbandry.

B-Istokskoe RTPS
Production of equipment for forage harvesting

BIOKOMPLEKS is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of hose systems and other solutions for the processing and disposal of manure and other agricultural waste in the Russian Federation

Biolaktis ensures a speedy growth of youg livestock and successful development of your business.

Biochem is a leading producer of innovative and effective feed additives and feed solutions for sustainable growth and health support of different animal species all over the world.

Modern probiotics from BONAKA company for cattle, poultry and fish farming

Buschhoff Ltd
Mobile and stationary feed mills the processing of manure and manure into organic bio-fertilizer

LTD Venera-Vet int.

West, Ltd
Production of ear tags for animal tagging Cattle identification means

Supplier of Gearboxes, gear Motors, Industrial Gearboxes, Gear Pumps

VSO Profil
VSO Profil LLC designs, manufactures and supplies complete metal structures for agricultural buildings: poultry houses, pig houses, cattle breeding farms, warehouses for storing agricultural products, slaughterhouses, sorting and processing shops, refrigerators.

Equipment and services for a new generation in dairy farming: robotic and conventional milking, milk cooling, herd management, manure management, barm equipment and comfort, hygiene products.

Genus ABS Rus Ltd

Glazovsky Feed Mill LLC manufacturing complete feed, protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates for farm animals and birds of any age and direction of productivity. Consulting services: development of individual recipes, feeding programs.


Production and supply of equipment for dairy farms and pig farms

Design and construction of feed mills, feed lines, production of feed equipment

Rynok APK Magasine

Efficient animal husbandry

Perfect Agriculture


Dairy and Beef Cattle Breeding
Scientific-research journal for scientists, managers and specialists of agricultural enterprises.

New Agriculture Magazine
New Agriculture, Magazine for managers. New Agriculture is the leading agricultural publication in Russia.

The magazine “Volga-Agro”


Agricultural news, magazine
Published sinсе 1993. Our magazine is distributed all over Russia through subscription, seminars, exhibitions and fairs. Besides it is sent directly to univercities, public libraries, for companies specialised in agribusiness and related industries. Main topics: advanced technologies, agricultural production effectiveness, projects, exhibitions, enviroment protection in rural areas.

Machines and Equipment for Rural Areas
Agricultural Journal Monthly, full-color, distributed in Russia and the CIS. Index in the Pressa Rossii Joint Catalogue – 42285. Founder – FGBNU “Rosinformagrotekh”

Agribusiness Magazine

Poultry Farming Magazine

Rural Siberia Magazine
Rural Siberia is an information and analytical magazine that presents topical issues of the agro-industrial complex of Siberia and the Urals, trends in the development of the industry, new technologies, changes in legislation, is a “guide” and assistant for industry professionals, and also presents products and technologies of manufacturers. The magazine is aimed at managers and specialists, top managers of large enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, as well as entrepreneurs in the field of agribusiness, heads of org

ZEBRA lines is transportation and logistic services provider with a huge experience of a cargo transportation of live animals. We offer complex logistics solutions for your business, such as veterinary requirements, foreign economic procedures, customs formalities.

Publishing House SFERA
Publishing House SFERA is one of the leading players on the Russian market of the specialized publications for the food industry.

Manufacturer of equipment for housing and care of young cattle.

Wholesale of veterinary drugs for farm animals, poultry, pig breeding, cattle, MRS. We cooperate with such well-known manufacturers in Europe as “CEVA SanteAnimale” (France), “Vetanco S.A.” (Argentina),”ImmCont” GmbH (Germany). We are the exclusive distributor of the company “Chemifarma S.p.A.” (Italy) in the Russian Federation

Kapital-PROK is the leader in selling of commodities for agro-industrial sectors and individual farms (private subsidiary farming units and farms).

Karatzis S.A.

Cogent Rus
Cogent Rus LLC is affordable elite genetics of all popular dairy and meat breeds, the only full-cycle genetic company in the Russian Federation: genetics + reproduction. The company represents a team of practitioners in breeding, reproduction, veterinary medicine, genetics, economics and farm process management, has more than 200 regular customers in the Russian Federation, is a breeding enterprise for the storage and sale of semen from animal producers.

KOLNAG LLC is a Russian producer and supplier of up-to-date agricultural machinery for potato and vegetables growing, as well as machines for preparation and discharge of balanced fodder to livestock.

The company “KormoResurs” is specialized in computer software development, consulting in animal nutrition and husbandry practices along with supply of feed additives and ingredients.

KORPAS Group of Companies has been actively working for more than 23 years in the market of providing veterinary medicines, vaccines, feed additives and disinfection products to Russian poultry farms, pig farms, cattle, food processing enterprises and feed mills.

Sevkavelevatorspetsstroy Corporation (SKESS) is the biggest enterprise in Russia specializes in production of silos of various capacities with flat and conical bottom made of high-quality galvanized steel and equipment for grain storage silos; as well as in designing and constructing the state-of-the-industry granaries for storage and processing of grain, feed mills, harbor and river-port grain terminals.

Koudijs MKorma
Koudijs MKorma is a leader in the production of premixes and prestarters in Russia as well as selling feed additives – vitamins, amino acids, coccidiostatics, antibacterial agents and enzymes – providing a full range of services for the organization of feeding and keeping farm animals.

Lug Zdorovya
Lug Zdorovya is a Russian manufacturer of polymer coating for feeding tables of cattle farms. The coating is designed to repair and protect the concrete base of the feeding table from destruction and eating out by cows in the feeding areas. The practice of using it in farms showed the increase of milk yields by 1 kg/day, due to the increase of feed eating by 5-10%. Payback of the feeding table is about two months. “Lug Zdorovya” is installed in 758 farms in 40 regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

MEGAMIX is the leading Russian production enterprise for premixes and protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates for all kinds of farm animals, including poultry. The company has been successfully operating on the market cince 1999 year. Our customer base includes both large-size agricultural holdings and middle-size agri businesses that are spread from the northeastern part of Russia to the Urals, as well as abroad.

Milkfor is a leader in the production and development of industrial filters for cleaning: milk and dairy products, soft and alcoholic drinks, water, fuel, air and other environment. Main specialization: installation of filtration systems for complex technological processes of milk processing.

Navigator – NM Ltd. is a Russian manufacturer of agricultural machinery. The product line includes rakes, balers, bale trailers, individual and inline wrappers. The company is the leading manufacturer of balers in Russia.

National Union of Swine Breeders
The union is created with a view of association of the Russian manufacturers of pork for coordination of their enterprise activity, representation and protection of their economic interests, maintenance of optimum conditions of their work, and as with a view of development in territory of the Russian Federation of competitive manufacture of pork. For today the Union unites the pig-breeding companies which provide more than 80 % of volume of output of industrial production of pork.


SPA ID Technologii
Novosibirsk Scientific and Production Association SPA “ID Technologii (Identification Technologies)” – a member of the non-profit partnership “Intersectoral Association of Nanoindustry” (RUSNANO) and a resident of “Skolkovo” was established in 2018. The company is engaged in the development and production of marking tools and equipment for the identification of animals.


Nuvichem, CJSC
Professional hygiene solutions for agriculture and food industry

LLC “Agro-Food RTF”
Direct importer and distributor of veterinary products, feed additives, premixes, disinfectants for pig breeding, cattle and poultry. Veterinary support and consultations. Effective micro fertilizers and plant protection products.

We are a manufacturer of compound feed in Russia. Our company produces food for agricultural pets for 15 years! “SBT” got pretty nice price and one of the best quality of compound feed in Russia.

LLC “TERRUS” is the official representative of Shanghai Terrui in Russia-specializes in the design, development, manufacture and sale of equipment for animal husbandry.

OOO “Schaumann Agri”
Schaumann Agri LLC is a supplier of feeds, feed additives for farm animals and silage additives produced by the Austrian company Schaumann Agri Austria GmbH & Co. KG. Schaumann Agri LLC also offers professional consulting on each stage of feeding and forage conservation.

Trading and Manufacturing Company Supply, Installation, Service of Equipment for Animal Husbandry

Otrada is one of the leading pig breeding companies in Russia and has been operating for more than 16 years. Euro Slats – from separate building elements to comprehensive solutions!

The PARTNER Group of Companies has been operating in the market of equipment for veterinary medicine and animal husbandry since 2009. Our company is engaged in the production and sale of veterinary equipment and devices under the brand name “Partner”. We offer high-quality and reliable devices at affordable prices! We offer you a wide range of equipment, consumables and preparations for animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. Having an extensive database of suppliers, we will find and deliver exactly the equipment you need.

Smolensk Galloway Breeding Centre

  • Breeding and sale of breeding cattle of the GALLOWAY breed – Consulting services on animal handling and farm infrastructure, assistance to new farmers – Organization of training seminars for farmers with the involvement of third-party specialists

Sibbiopharm Ltd.
The Production Association «Sibbiopharm» Ltd. is a dynamic biotechnological company with more than 55 years of experience in microbiological production. The company creates products for crop, animal and poultry farming, as well as other industry segments.


POLYMYA is a cluster, which combines its own production of equipment for the agro-industrial complex, service, engineering, design and construction of agricultural facilities. All production is concentrated in Belarus, in JSC “Borisov plant “Metallist”, on an area of about 23,000 sq.m.

LLC MZ “POTOK” is a Russian manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Our company has 15 years of experience in the supply of hydromechanical equipment and work with HOSE SYSTEMS for transporting and applying LOC. MZ POTOK supplies equipment, carries out service maintenance and repairs throughout the Russian Federation, as well as neighboring countries.

Huvepharma is a global company with over half a century of experience in the fermentation and production of human, animal and poultry health products.

Ltd Provet is a well known company in Russia, founded 25 years ago, specializing in veterinary products, vaccines, feed additives for all types of livestock animals: zootechnical equipment and swine artificial insemination tools. The main goal of the Company is to provide the necessary technical support for our clients. For this purpose we have advisory offices with a team of highly qualified veterinarians and technicians with extensive practical experience in poultry farming, pig breeding and livestock.


Food market and agricultural technologies
The magazine “Food Market and Agro-industrial complex technologies” is an advertising and information publication of the agro-industrial complex, covers all issues related to the production and sale of agricultural products, as well as issues of processing raw materials, agrochemistry, agricultural machinery and agricultural equipment, animal husbandry, crop production, processing and packaging equipment and a number of other areas. The magazine was founded in 2001 at the federal level. The circulation is 15,000 copies.

PTK Sky Agroline, LLC
The company PTK Sky Agroline LLC has been operating in the agricultural production support market since 2015. During this time, we have established ourselves as a responsible and reliable partner. The company “PTK Sky Agroline” LLC is engaged in the production and sale of complete compound feeds, feed and feed additives for farm animals, birds and fish.

Raciovet LLC

RusAgroSistema Ltd is a production company. Our main company specialization is the production, supply, installation and equipment maintenance for dairy farms. Since the foundation, we have mastered the manufacture and supplied a great number of equipment for ventilation, livestock keeping , manure removal for hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the CIS.

Specialization – IT technologies in cattle breeding, sheep breeding, feeding industry -Developing and implementing applied software provision: breeding and zootechnical provision; breeding work management; production and profitability of the herd; estimation of the breeding value of animals; consultations and training in IT technologies, feeding selection and cattle industry management.

Moscow company LLC “SIVETRA-AGRO” was founded in 2000 and is the exclusive representative of the company “Tanin Sevnica d.d.” (Slovenia) and the group of companies “Bankom” (Serbia). The goal of our company is to introduce innovative technologies for feeding and health of farm animals, poultry and aquaculture to the Russian market.

Semex Russia HCL
The breeding company Semex Russia HCL is an official representative of the Canadian company The Semex Alliance world leading company in bovine genetics.


Smart Hygiene

National Dairy Producers Union (SOYUZMOLOKO) is a nonprofit organization based in Moscow, Russia. SOYUZMOLOKO unites milk producers and dairy processors as well as numerous service companies to represent their interests thus providing the dairy industry in Russia with economically favorable conditions.

TD “RostAgroVet” LLC

Our company provides innovative equipment for cattle breeding.

Production of the whole range of equipment for compound feed industry. Turnkey construction and modernization of compound feed mills; production lines for premixes. Project support throughout all execution phases. More than 250 facilities have been put into operation. Automation. Electrical and software support of the production. Engineering. Design. Technical audit. Installation supervision and commissioning, warranty service.



L.K. Ernst Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry
Types of activity: conducting of fundamental, exploratory and applied research, development activities; implementation of scientific achievements and best practices in the field of agriculture. Information support of scientific research. International cooperation. Publishing. Training of scientific personnel. Sectors of activity: genetics, breeding, selection, biotechnology, biology of animal reproduction, physiology, feeding, forage production, biochemistry, microbiology, organization and economics of livestock production.

Farmers Force LLC
Equipment for young stock and calves. Official distributor of Milk Bar and Antahi brands

Feed Consult
Exclusive distributor of European and American feed additives for agricultural animals

FSE “Shchelkovo biocombinat”
Production and sale of immunobiological medicinal products for veterinary use

The main objectives of FSC ARRTPI RAS are fundamental, exploratory and applied scientific research, experimental and development work, introduction of scientific achievements and best practices aimed at obtaining new knowledge in the field of agro-industrial complex, contributing to its technical, technological, economic and social development, as well as ensuring the veterinary welfare of poultry through environmentally safe means and methods of producing high-quality poultry products.

Skolkovo Foundation
Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to support technological entrepreneurship in Russia and the commercialization of the results of research activities.

HUESKER OOO – a subsidiary of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH – is a manufacturer of technical textiles for different business areas. For the agricultural industry, we offer Lubratec products: weather and wind protection. doors and fronts. The durable, robust and high quality solutions are ideal for new construction and retrofitting of cow barns (cattle sheds, dairy barns, calf sheds, bull sheds, etc.). Our concepts are designed for economical and effective farm management.

TSENOVIK. Agricultural Review
Activity: publishing. Products: a monthly edition reviews market for specialists of agricultural complex on mixed feeds, feed additives, vitamins, vitamins, premixes, protein and vitamin concentrates, veterinary preparations; equipment and technologies.

EFKO Group of Companies
EFKO Group of Companies is one of the three largest agro-industrial holdings in Russia and in the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as one of the systemically important enterprises in the food industry that ensures the Russian Federation’s food security. The company’s divisions independently ensure the performance of the full cycle of work, from the purchase and processing of raw materials to the sale of final products.


Hypermarket of Animal Supplies

Dinamica Generale



EXPODAT LLC is a Russian IT company, a leading developer and integrator of modern IT services and IT products for the MICE industry.